Fenison Photo is a husband-and-wife team comprised of me, Chris Fenison and my beautiful wife, Nicole. We live in God's Wonderland, the Pacific Northwest, with our sons Charlie and Theodore. My photographic vision paired with Nicole's eye for styling make for a unique duo able to tackle nearly any kind of photography. We're also super friendly!

About Chris: I've had a camera in my hands since I was 14, when my parents purchased my first SLR for a high-school photography class. I honed my skill through high school, getting my hands dirty in film development and print processing. My passion for capturing the beauty in God's creation first led me to develop my landscape photography, having sold my work to people across the United States. Later, I found my way to portrait photography, realizing my love of capturing life's special moments forever in a frame.

About Nicole: My wife was born in Idaho and moved to the Portland, Oregon area at the age of 10. She has a knack for fitting in with anyone and provides the perfect friendly demeanor to balance my sometimes too-in-the-moment-to-smile mannerisms. Nicole is a loving wife and mother, which keeps her days full, but somehow finds the time to help with booking, styling and assisting me on many Fenison Photo sessions. In her free time, Nicole loves to read, cook and catch up with friends.