A bright-eyed frog ready to jump.
A sprout of grass frosted over, springing from a rock, against a warming field in the background.
Waves of the Pacific Ocean crash against the Kona, Hawaii shoreline.
A classic Kona sunset scene.
A fishing boat anchored for the night at a lightning storm rolls in over Detroit Lake, Oregon.
The North Head Lighthouse on the Long Beach Peninsula in Southwest Washington.
A straight-as-an-arrow road atop Washington's Palouse farmlands.
A tiny leaf frosted on a cold fall morning in Battle Ground, WA
A lone lamp outside the Oregon Zoo on a crisp autumn day.
Sun's first light on Mt. Jefferson.
Nicole and I took a weekend vacation to Arch Cape, Oregon last weekend. This shot was taken a little over a day after the tsunami wave hit the Oregon coast. There wasn't much evidence of the tsunami, other than a few chunks of driftwoof further up the beach than normal and the tide seeminly high the entire time we were there.
A view of the Caribbean as seen from our condo in Akumal, Mexico.
If I were a mouse, I'd want to be stuck in this maze. ... I mean, if I had to be stuck in a maze at all. Obviously, if there was an option to not be stuck in a maze, I'd take that.
For Fuzzy Muggins, today is a*good* hair day.
A desaturated look at a flower out at my wife's parents' farm.
The weather is turning around here, and the cherry blossoms are following suit.
Odd shaped pumpkin at a farm near Canby, OR.
Sunset Cliffs near San Diego, CA.
There's an enchanted forest near my house. Elves and such lounge around and perform magic tricks. While I was there, I grabbed this shot.
I desaturated this one a little bit.
Water drops on a purple flower.
Rocks at Corona Del Mar Beach, California.
There's something about the sun's last light that moves me. As I stood there with sand between my toes on the beach at Corona Del Mar, framing this shot, I was so captivated by the beauty before me I forgot to take the shot. I just stared into the sun for a minute or two.
A buddy and I went out shooting yesterday. We drove down the Willamette Valley to the quaint town of Silverton, Oregon. I actually grew up very near there, so I was familiar with the territory. As we rounded a corner, this scene popped into our vision. We immediately turned around took a ton of shots. This isn't my favorite of all the ones I took, but it's the one that took the least amount of post processing (none - other than sharpen). Beautiful, huh?
Sunset Falls is one of my favorite places near my house. I took another trip up there this weekend and grabbed this shot. I just got a new camera, a Nikon D200, so I had to go test it's abilities. I'm happy to report that it's awesome.
Spared II
A dramatic sky over a mountainscape in southeast Arizona.
Pacific View
A farm near Goldendale, Washington. Mt. Adams is in the background.
A red rose, taken outside my grandparents' house in Butteville, Oregon. They have tons of roses every year.

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