A German shepherd ready to defend his territory.
Theodore - 6 Days Newborn
Family photo session at Happy Vally Park in Portland, Oregon.
Family photo session at Happy Vally Park in Portland, Oregon.
Mom and baby bask in the sun along Kona's coastline.
Charlie looking for trouble in the backyard.
Charlie ready for fun at the Oregon Zoo.
Nicole maternity shot in our backyard.
A baby's focus.
Bryan casting into the crystal-clear water. My role, apart from taking photos, was scouting the fish from a rock high above the surface.
A baby girl laughs as her mom gives her kisses.
Horse + wideangle = fun!
My beautiful wife, Nicole, pausing for one second from shopping in Breckenridge to pose for me. Thanks, honey!
What a beautiful horse. I approached with a handful of green grass, but the horse didn't pay me any attention. Then I whipped out my camera and curiosity took over. I grabbed this shot, and about 30 others that may be worth looking at. What a photogenic horse!
Travis pointing the boat toward the fish on Lake BillyChinook, Oregon.
Fun times at the demolition derby, Clark County Fair. This little guy was pluggin his ears because the engines were so loud. Then, all of a sudden, he decided his nose needed more attention. Haha. I love kids.

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